Friday, January 14, 2011

To our family and friends,

It is with an extremely sad heart and tear filled eyes that I must let everyone know that Cal's precious, little life here on Earth is coming to an end. The nurse can not tell us how long exactly (and to be quite honest...only God knows that). We do know that it is getting close, though. We would appreciate everyone's continued prayers for our family during this very sad and difficult time in our lives. Our faith continues to be strong in the Lord; however, it doesn't mean we understand.

I also wanted to let everyone know that because of the timing of Cal's decline, we will not be participating in the walk on February 5th in Houston. However, we still want to raise awareness for this disease that is taking so many precious, innocent lives. Please consider going to "The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation" at and donating to the foundation so that research can be done and a cure can be found! When you go to the website, there will be a picture of a little girl on the left, and it says "Donate Now". Click on her picture, and it will take you to the page where you can donate. It allows you to make a one time donation or a recurring donation. Also, at the bottom of the donation page, it allows you to make your donation a gift "In Honor" or "In Memory" of a child and who better than....Cal Hanna!

Remember to cherish every day you have with the ones you love because it could all be gone tomorrow.

In His Name,


  1. I've been following your blog and hadn't checked in a while. I am so sorry for the pain that you must be going through. I wish I had words that would make you feel better and take the pain away. I know that Cal will have no more pain. I know that you will hurt and feel a huge loss but take comfort in knowing that he is no longer struggling. God may not have answered your prayers in the way which you would have hoped for but I know its an answer to your prayers in His own way. I pray that your heart will be healed and although you'll always miss Cal, know that you will be with him again one day. You have a beautiful boy that has been strong and has shown tremendous amounts of courage. You must be a pretty amazing family to endure this struggle. My prayers will continue to be with you.

  2. You all are in my heart. I know that Samuel will be waiting for Cal with open arms and will usher him all over Heaven to show him the wonderful things he has discovered. Nothing said can ease the pain... please know you are in my heart and in my prayers. Call me whenever you need to talk.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby boy. My heart is absolutely breaking for you & your family. I pray for your peace during this very difficult time.

    Boise, ID