Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We are HOME!!!

First off, thank you so much for all of the sweet comments you all have been leaving. They were so nice to read while we were in the hospital and since we have been home. We are so grateful to Katie for starting this blog for us.

We got home late Saturday night like Katie said. It is so nice to be HOME! We are so grateful to all of the doctors who have been helping us and will continue to help us in the future but there is nothing like being home. We got to come home because there was not much more they could do for us until all the tests come back. The doctors were wonderful and there are so many tests pending on Cal. They are truly dedicated to finding out what is going on with Cal and we are so thankful to them for that. The results should be back in 6 weeks and we will go back down to Houston to talk with the doctors when they come in. Please continue to pray that all the tests come back negative!!!! We truly believe in God's healing and believe that Cal will be healed. We came home on a lot of medicine and vitamins and it seems to be helping. He is still having seizures daily but not as many. We still have a long road ahead of us but with God, family, and friends we will get through this.

Thank you again for all the support! You would be surprised at what posting a comment on a blog can do for someone. Marcus and I love reading the comments from friends and family and even people who don't know us. Please know that we do read them and they are so uplifting! We will keep you all posted.

Courtney, Marcus, and Baby Cal


  1. This was emailed to me to share with you guys...

    I am a parent of a special needs child and went through 3 years of unknown after he was born. We would run tests and ask questions, and the answer was always "we don't know yet". I understand the fear, frustration, and feeling of helplessness that at times is completely overwhelming. It is at these times that Jesus is carrying us (Footprints in the Sand). One day, you will look back and wonder how you ever got through it all, and the only way is Jesus. You don't know me and more than likely we will never meet this side of Heaven. Know that you are prayed for and carried in the very hands that put the sun, moon and stars in place. I don't think I have enough room here, but look up the song "Through" by Signature Sound (gospel quartet). "When I saw what lay before me, LORD I cried what will I do. I though HE would just remove it, but he gently lead me through..." It is very comforting and I have now memorized it.
    God Bless.

  2. Please update ~ how is baby Cal?