Sunday, November 14, 2010

Update on Cal's Comfort

We are still in the process of getting Cal comfortable. We have been on the new medicine a little over a week now. He is doing better, but he is not completely comfortable yet. The new medicine is called methadone and seems to be the answer. I just don't think we are to the right dose yet. We can only increase the dose every few days. We started at 1 mL every 12 hours on November 4th. Then, we went to 1 mL every 8 hours on November 8th. The dose changed again on Friday, and we are now at 1.25 mL every 8 hours. We continue to give morphine for break through pain. However, the doctor said that we will eventually get to a dose of the methadone where there should be no break through pain. We can't wait for that day to come! Until then, we continue to take it day by day. Please say a prayer that we are getting close to the dose of methadone that keeps Cal comfortable all day.


  1. Sound like you are on a good track to keep Cal comfortable . Praying for you right now!!!!!!

  2. Praying with all my heart!
    Boise, Idaho

  3. The Everetts are praying for you...strength, wisdom, and peace for you and Marcus, and comfort for sweet, sweet Cal.

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